10 good resolutions to take in your room


It’s official, lack of sleep is the evil of the century! For fifty years, our nights have been shortened by an hour and a half, which has many consequences on our health, our efficiency, our morale and our good mood. So this year, if we had to take only one good resolution, it is relearn to sleep well in a Zen room!


1. I’m returning the mattress tonight

Essential element of a good night’s sleep, our mattress deserves to be taken care of! So to slow down its natural wear and maintain its hygiene, it is customary to return it regularly, at least every 6 months. This simple gesture can double its lifespan, so we think about it as often as possible.



2.I wash and I change the pillows

Contrary to popular belief, even if we change the covers regularly, the pillows get dirty and wear out very quickly. After 6 months, most synthetic pillows must even be replaced! So this year, we get in the habit of washing them every two months at the machine at 40 ° C, and change them at least once a year.



3. I declare war on mites

Whether one is allergic or not, it is better to avoid that the room turns into a haunt of mites hungry! Without falling into psychosis, we air every morning for 5 to 10 minutes leaving the bed open, we wash the sheets and the mattress at 60 ° C maximum every two weeks and we vacuum thoroughly as often as possible . Every 2 months, you can also cover the mattress with baking soda for 2 hours before vacuuming.
5 tips to say goodbye to mites



4. I learn to disconnect

To sleep well, we must also stop all visual demands, especially the blue light screens.So this year, we definitely take the television, the computer and the smartphone out of the room and we learn to empty ourselves. Ideally, it is also necessary to cut the WiFi at night, to pass the phones in mode “plane” not to be tempted to consult his mails and to disconnect completely to dive in the arms of Morphée. If, yes, we’ll get there!



5. I transform the room into a Zen cocoon

Even more than other rooms in the house, the room is the room that must be decluttered first. So we read “The art of storage” Marie Kondo and we keep in the room that the essential. Ideally, we take out all the electrical appliances, the office, the libraries overloaded with books, the paperwork and all that hangs on the ground, and we keep only the soft textiles, a comfortable armchair, a beautiful carpet, beautiful nightstands rows and some green plants.



6. I grow plants in my room

Whatever the size of the room, some plants hanging from the ceiling or placed on the bedside table have the power to change the atmosphere radically. And since they release only a tiny amount of CO2 during the night, they not only do not disturb sleep, but they also promote a feeling of well-being and relaxation.
I want plants in my room!



7. I change the curtains

In a room, the curtains are as essential as the bed! They allow you to do the darkness to sleep well, to protect the room from prying eyes, to isolate cold winter and even to limit the noise level. In addition, they bring style to the decor so this year, we redo the curtains!



9. I do not heat too much

This winter, it’s decided, we limit the temperature in the room, to sleep better and reduce the heating bill at the same time. The experts are unanimous: the ideal is not to exceed 18-19 ° C, or less in the room! If it may seem chilly at first, we warm up by slipping under the duvet and blankets and thinking that we are doing good to the planet too!



10.I do not forget the pillow mist

Finally, to sleep like a baby, we take a few minutes to make yourself a pillow mist with essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus and marjoram to shells. Good night!