40 Best Small Traditional Kitchen/Dining Room Combo Design Ideas

Example of a small classic medium tone wood floor kitchen/dining room combo design in New York with white walls

For a small kitchen “spacious” it is above all a kitchen layout I or U kitchen layout according to the configuration of the space. After this choice, we think of color. Neutral colors and natural are appropriate, namely that if you opt for a total white look, it is quite possible to give character to all by enhancing the white of a very chic anthracite gray, a matte black or a strong color such as lacquered red, lacquered violet and lacquered navy blue.

The kitchen lighting is also important to put in place this impression of grandeur. In this case we opt for a kitchen lighting very bright white that will radiate. Side kitchen furniture, it emphasizes height without being able to accentuate the width to offer additional cupboards, optimize the small kitchen to the maximum and create this feeling of space.

Generally, when you have a small kitchen, you prefer to open it on the living room or on the dining room, American kitchen or small kitchen. This makes it possible to enlarge the living room and make the small kitchen much more comfortable and functional.

By this trick, we often have a dining area nearby, which is not the case in a small closed kitchen, and we can then enjoy the meal table for the preparation of dishes and to deposit some utensils if the work plan turns out to be too narrow. As far as materials are concerned, everything is allowed, from the very elegant wood that gives the little kitchen a Scandinavian look to bright stainless steel in the spirit of a designer kitchen. wood lacquer pro in the idea of ​​creating a 100% minimalist design atmosphere.

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