5 smart golden rules for small spaces


Everything that is small is cute. You have often heard this phrase about your apartment. Certainly. But you would still prefer to have the power to push back the walls and enlarge the surface. Let’s be honest, we do not have a magic wand. But here we give you some keys to arrange the small spaces intelligently. Because when you live in a small apartment, you have to know how to be inventive!


1st golden rule: open the space

Above all, do not partition! In a small space, prefer platforms or mezzanines to delimit without giving the sensation of reducing it. A tip that lends itself to both a child’s room and living room. To separate without stifling, you can achieve the same result by simply laying the floor mats: one for each function of the room. Finally, to separate the rooms, prefer canopies or bay windows to partitions.Your interior will be brighter and the open surface will give the illusion of a larger space.
Another tip: use a light shade (but not necessarily white!) To fully paint a part of the room floor to ceiling (through the furniture). A tone-on-tone effect that will enlarge the space and will catch the eye on the stamp of the room … and not on its surface!



2nd golden rule: cleverly landscaping

Of course, it will be tricky to fit everything, exploit the smallest surface and create your little nest! Be on the lookout for these ideas that will change everything and that are ultimately easy to implement. Our examples? Replace your classic doors with sliding doors, at least for your closets. Swap large chairs or bulky chairs against stacking seats.Or in the kitchen, place the sink in an angle to use the maximum surface area for your worktop. Arrange wooden boards as shelves above the radiators and even in the door frames to have books and small decorative objects.



3rd golden rule: exploit the height

If you are lucky enough to have a high ceiling height, you have another one of your solutions. It’s up to you to imagine a mezzanine space to create a room like an office or another room. Better to provide 2 meters between the mezzanine shelf and the ceiling and the same height, below, otherwise risk to crush the room. In a bedroom, if the mezzanine is intended for a bed or office corner only, you can reduce the height between the tray and the ceiling. If the mezzanine does not inspire you, you can install a floor-to-ceiling library or place some of your kitchen items on high shelves.Finally, create a false ceiling that will conceal storage!



4th golden rule: learn to hide

Conceal, hide … in a small space, better master the art of hiding! Why not create niches directly in the wall? You’ll put away your books or even your dishes. Another idea is to use the smallest space, for example by sliding your suitcase – filled with linens for example – under the sofa or bed. The sliding drawers of your kitchen furniture can be equipped with wheels on the floor to exploit any space.



5th golden rule: use smart furniture

The market has sniffed the vein: there are now all kinds of furniture designed for small spaces. Starting with the mini-home appliances.For example, washing machines with opening on the top or models only 30 to 40 cm deep (against 60 cm in general). The Rosières Triple Cooker, unique in its kind, has been designed for small spaces: it combines in one place, dishwasher, oven, hob. There are also mini-ovens or mini-dishwashers that are built-in premiums. These small sizes not only concern household appliances but all useful accessories in the house: mini-vacuum cleaner, mini-coffee maker … the Libratone brand has even launched nomadic and compact speakers that fit your home and move to the home. envious! Another option is multifunctional, versatile and practical furniture that makes many services. Sometimes it takes ingenuity to make them custom-made. Thus, a flap table serves as a dining area or office area depending on the time of day. Or, a headboard that, with small shelves on the side, also serves as a bedside table.