5 tips for a perfect walk-in closet


When we say dressing, we already imagine the shelves filled from floor to ceiling. But your dressing room is located in the attic, in a room under the roof … No panic! Between the do it yourself tricks, the choice of furniture or storage at low prices, here are the best decorating tips to create the perfect dressing room under the roof.


Choosing the right place for your walk-in wardrobe

Dressing room does not necessarily mean Chinese puzzles. The first advice we can give you, however, is not to go head deep into the layout of your dressing room.

To get the perfect dressing , it is necessary to choose its location carefully. Your space should be ventilated enough and especially dry so as not to damage your clothes and precious accessories. There must also be a minimum of light, whether natural or artificial.Forget also the places of passage with the pipes and cables of the house. Safety and accessibility first and foremost!



What use for a walk-in closet?

The layout of your walk-in closet will of course depend on how you use it. Storage under the roof will not pose any problem for your linens. On the other hand, for everything that is shirts, coats and dresses, it can be more embarrassing. Indeed, for these clothes, the ideal is to have a wardrobe to hang them and prevent them from wrinkling, getting damaged or take up too much space.
The only trick is to install the wardrobe on the highest part of your dressing area. In the lowest part, place the drawers to store lingerie and socks!
To facilitate access to your dressing room and enhance its functional appearance, you can also opt for sliding shelves or wicker baskets placed in different storage compartments.
08754250-picture-dressing-under-slope-storage-room-child. jpg



A tailor-made dressing room

It is not always easy to fit a dressing room under the eaves at first sight. That’s why the bespoke option may be the one that’s right for you, to maximize every nook and cranny. Objective: a perfect dressing room!
Above all, “made to measure” does not necessarily rhyme with “astronomical budget”! Know that there are many tips like the use of wooden boxes, baskets or pallets to customize to compose your dressing dream.
So yes, of course, you will have to take out your best meter and study the depth, height, width of your dressing room from every angle. Be creative, you can do it!



A walk-in closet open or closed?

A first dilemma arises when you want to build the perfect dressing. We opt for an open or closed dressing room?
Do not panic, we have more than one deco trick on hand to help you in this tough choice. Take a step back and focus not only on the proportions of your room, but also on its layout.
For example, to hide your clothes and better organize your room, doors (whether sliding or swinging) are essential. For small spaces, an airy dressing room without door will give the illusion of a larger and less loaded space, but beware it will take care of your decor and organize your clothes and accessories to the millimeter. Good news: if you really can not decide, you can combine the two with some open shelves and closets closed (valid). So, what will be your choice?