6 deco ideas for a design show


Need a little help to transform your living room into a design room? Furniture, decorative deco accessories, personalized wall decoration, acidulous prints or minimalist design: deco.fr gives you 7 tips to transform your living room.


Smart storage for a minimalist living room

Whether you’re dreaming of a minimalist living room , know that any decor appreciates the order! Moreover, the more you like the bric-a-brac style, the more you will have to be careful to keep your living room tidy. Otherwise, it’s not deco … It’s a mess!

Start by clearing your room with functional storage and design. You’ll save space and enhance your decor accessories.
For example, geometric shelves on the wall, metal art shelves or storage under the coffee table. The options are many, all is to find a way to camouflage your everyday objects.



The right choice of lighting for a living room design

We do not think enough but a luminaire can bring a real design touch to the living room! All is daring to go out of the classics. Here are some ideas:
A suspension XXL design: no doubt, we will notice your lighting,
A stripped bulb to bring an industrial touch to your decor,
A multiple suspension because no, we never have enough!



An Original Wall Decor for a Design Lounge

To add contrast and personality to your living room, have fun creating a character mural.
The trick here is to take a step back and choose a piece of wall to fix your wall decor (often above the main sofa). We think for example of decorative frames, old family photos, mirrors or small graphic shelves, for a decor that throws. Feel free to alternate the sizes and shapes of your frames, herbaria and other macrame suspension.
Everything is in the mix, but be careful not to overdo it when choosing accessories, materials and colors.



Decorative graphic accessories in the living room

If you opt for a minimalist design lounge with monochrome shades, you can enhance it with decorative accessories with acidulous prints.
XXL carpet with Bahaus design, cushions with geometric prints, graphic decorations or acidic plaids… Play with color contrasts and shapes to bring a contemporary atmosphere to your living room.
The trick: do not use more than three colors to decorate your room, and bet on light touches to avoid overloading the living room.



The addition of green plants for a living room design

Nature lovers, this is for you. Impossible to bring the final touch to your design lounge without adding some green plants.
Indoor plants hanging from the ceiling, XXL to compartmentalize the space, placed on the ground or on your furniture, do not skimp on the addition of plants whatever the spirit that you are looking for in your living room. The end result promises to be just sublime!



Metal keys for a design salon

In the decor, the metal makes its show! Particularly acclaimed for its industrial look, the metal adapts perfectly to other styles: retro, contemporary, Scandinavian … But it is still design! Raw effect, copper or gold, there is something for everyone. A single metal furniture (chair, table or console to give only three examples) and it’s all the decor that benefits!