6 tips for optimizing toilets


The perfect toilet … How do you see them? In asking this question, it is clear that we often lack ambition for this piece: we want the place clean, isolated from the rest of the house, if possible not in the bathroom but with a water point to wash your hands. But … what if we dreamed more?


Create storage

The first idea to optimize toilets is of course to create storage spaces. Shelves above the cabinet, above the door, or even a vault of boards to accommodate a maximum of elements. But to put away what? You’ve certainly seen it at friends’ homes, many people choose to store books and magazines. Why not, it’s an opportunity to share your readings with your hosts! It also seems natural enough to store household products. For the more cheeky, because we will not fail to point out the strangeness of your choice, you can store canned foods, packs of milk, bricks of soup … If it is not common to mix cabinet and storeroom, it does not matter does not mean that it’s a bad idea!



A secret garden!

And after all why not? If the part of the toilet has a window, with plants usually need a little natural light, greenery will bring a bit of nature in this place that welcomes so willingly.On the ground, on shelves, shelves or even on a serving, the plants create a welcoming environment, bucolic, which changes the atmosphere often a little cold (tiled, white) of this piece. And here is another opportunity to have fun, not only with the plants you choose, but also thanks to the great diversity of plant pots!