66 Premium Mid-Sized Contemporary Guest Bedroom Design Ideas

The clean lines of the custom, oversized head board and the grass cloth wall treatment give this guest room an organic and serene feel. The neutral pallet is calming with a touch of powder blue. Designer tip: For the wall treatment – grass cloth was cut into 18” x 18” squares and hung in a cross hatch fashion.

According to some designers, you need at least three different reasons for things to work! Small and large, orange and green, on the duvet cover or the pillowcase, on the walls or furniture trim, whatever, enjoy the carte blanche.

Three is the minimum number of patterns you must use. Choose a pattern large enough and easily visible.

 Then, select a very different model, from size to half of the first pattern. If your first pattern is a large floral, the second pattern might be a geometric shape. The third pattern may be similar to one another and may use a color that is already present in the room. 

The same rule applies to color accents in the white room. Less color on the walls, more color in the accessories. 

Check those 66 Premium Mid-Sized Contemporary Guest Bedroom Design to gain more ideas.