8 accessories for your nursery / Christmas village!


Christmas is fast approaching! So that magic is once again at the rendezvous, heal all the details of your decor. Miniature village, crib of the Nativity, or santons more real than nature: what will you choose to decorate the foot of your tree?

The santons of the Nativity are inseparable from the image of Christmas. Authentic and realistic, they invite us to travel the two millennia that separate us from the baby Jesus, who came to the world under the tender gaze of his parents.

The Christmas crib tradition has its roots in a distant past. It will give your decor an authentic and warm touch. We never tire of admiring these miniature characters, full of realism and poetry.

Sometimes just enough to make a Christmas crib worthy of the name. With its driftwood elements and scattered foliage, this barn seems to be waiting peacefully for the birth of baby Jesus. A minimalist decor accessory!

Who did not spend long moments, looking at the Christmas crib? From character to character, we like to admire the detail of each detail.The tradition is not deceived, offering a place of choice to the santons of the Nativity.

We decorate a miniature village for the Christmas party as we compose a painting. What a pleasure to carefully choose each stall! Realistic and colorful, this pretty bakery should not fail to embellish your miniature hamlet.

The magic of Christmas is not just inside homes, it is also present on every corner. It is a little of this luminous atmosphere that is restored by this model with authentic charm.

But what is Santa doing in this month of preparation for the end of year festivities? To find out, just look at this pretty miniature house. From the main character to the decoration of the facade, nothing is missing from this tableau vivant!
The recipe for a successful Christmas decoration? A miniature village and snowy fir trees! Add the iconic image of the reindeer, and you get a living tableau in keeping with tradition. Young and old should not get bored!
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