8 Christmas gift ideas to treat yourself with friends

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Have you planned a party to celebrate Christmas with friends? Whether you have chosen a draw to know who will spoil who or set a maximum amount, remains to know what to offer! Here are our fun gift ideas, useful (and not futile) for small budget!
08778496-photo-drainer-elephant-jumbo-cutlery holder-gift.jpg

This gift will find its place in any kitchen! Super cute, this jumbo elephant is a stylish drip tray for cutlery (or for toothbrushes in the bathroom). The little extra: the water flows through the trunk. Smart!

Do you have a globe-trotter friend? This is the gift he needs! A beautiful black and white card to hang: to each new country visited, he can scratch the site, revealing the colorful country. Let’s go!

The monster of Loch Ness exists, and he is in the kitchen! Whether your friend is a fine cook or a big fan of prepared foods … it does not matter. In ladle or skimmer, Nessie adds a touch of eccentricity to each preparation!

For a photography fan, this original mug shaped camera lens will do its little trick. Notably with its hermetic cap to keep the hot drink longer in the form of a lens cover. Deco and useful, we like it!

If you have a bento addict in your surroundings, this rice ball mold is an original idea that will fly. Your friend can make great makis, sushi or appetizers to feast his entourage: and you will be invited!

This false bottle of wine is nothing but a kit for sommelier. When opened, it contains a corkscrew, a bottle opener and a spill-proof spout. Less expensive than an oenology course and very practical everyday for amateurs!
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The cactus is one of the decorating trends of the moment! And if, to put a little spice in his daily life, you offer a pretty girlfriend this pretty jewelry holder design to hang her earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings?

In the series “small gift useful and fun”, we have selected for you this stylish red metal bottle opener shaped guitar! This is the opportunity or never to put some Rock n ‘Roll in the Christmas party!
Discover our gift ideas at all prices for your Christmas with friends!