8 gift ideas for a Christmas full of surprises!


This year, you decided that Christmas would be out of the box. For your gift ideas, one key word: originality! By opting for design objects and a slightly offbeat, you will not fail to surprise your loved ones. Farewell to the eternal dad’s tie!

When tea time starts, setting the snack table is a real treat. To please your loved ones, give them this pretty design teapot, with a resolutely modern curve. To make Christmas happy is not so complicated as it seems …

An original Christmas gift must surprise and amaze! This is the case of this indoor garden equipped with a clever automatic irrigation system. Design and modular, it enhances your decor with a nice touch of greenery.
08779774-photo-inflatable sofa-gift-noel.jpg

When the first frost of winter begins, we appreciate a good hot meal, even on the run. In the office or on a walk, the thermo stainless steel keeps your lunch at a good temperature. A design object that will pamper you!

This year, Christmas will be zen or will not be! To find the path of serenity, bet on the diffuser of essential oils. Design and exotic object, it gives you an immediate well-being. There is no harm in having fun, especially at Christmas!