8 gift ideas for a stylish nursery


Are you dreaming of a magazine room for your child? Imagine that your dream (or yours) can come true! Sometimes it only takes one or two decorative objects to change everything. It’s time to add your favorites to the list for Santa! We help you with these 8 gift ideas.

With its original shape inspired by an Indian tent, this tepee bed frame is likely to cause a sensation to your child! His room will become a true land of adventure, not only to play cowboy, but also to make sweet dreams.

A pillow to have your head in the stars, that should please your child and bring poetry to his room. A deco trick to give free rein to his imagination and a cuddly object to make big hugs!

Blow of heart for this carpet so cute that one would almost want to sleep on it! Moreover, it may be what your child will do if you opt for this Christmas gift idea. What bring a real touch to his room!

What’s more adorable than this watermelon piggy bank to protect your child’s treasure? A cute and fun way to teach him how to save money. And no risk that it will break the next heck since it is resin!