8 gift ideas for wine lovers


In your family, there are several amateurs of oenology? Here is an article that should allow you to find gifts for these enthusiasts! We brought together for you a selection of essential accessories around the wine to slide under the Christmas tree.

Balloon glass is often thought of when it comes to drinking wine. Let’s go wider to let the wine express its aromas in contact with the air. The stem is long, the shape flared and narrower at the top for these glasses with a sober and modern design.

The decanter is an essential accessory for lovers of great wines. Very design, this carafe will better appreciate the dress of the precious beverage while allowing it to oxygenate before being served.

When you do not have a cellar or a refrigerated cabinet to store your bottles, we like to store them nicely in a corner of the kitchen. This elegant spruce rack holds up to 24 bottles without cluttering the room.

It is not always easy to pour wine without a drop staining the tablecloth! Adaptable to all bottles thanks to its silicone tip, this stainless steel pouring cap can be used without fear for the beautiful white tablecloth!
The famous brand knives also offers corkscrews, including sophisticated lever models very practical. It is particularly elegant and robust with its metal structure and its base in Asian elm wood!

Red, white or rosé wines do not use at the same temperature, it’s b-a.ba. Some wines, according to the appellations, either. To serve the wine under good tasting conditions, the wine lover must equip himself with a thermometer.
In a block of bamboo wood, all the essential accessories for the wine lover are gathered: corkscrew, spout, thermometer, neck, cap. A must for anyone who likes to receive and open beautiful bottles.

The cubi of wine in its cardboard box is never very elegant. However, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of this convenient format and attractive price. But to look after the aesthetics, opt for this clever design wine fountain!
The panoply of the perfect oenologist does not stop there.You will find other accessories here.