A kitchen as in the countryside


The warm and friendly spirit of country kitchens inspires us. The opportunity to make our shopping list of rustic pieces with natural materials to offer a bit of the atmosphere of yesteryear to our contemporary cuisine.

Faithful to the post, the gray soup plates are undoubtedly the emblem of kitchens in country style. At table or stacked on a buffet, they immediately set the tone for home cooking.

Emblematic, this oak chair has enthroned in all the kitchens of yesteryear. A good reason to invite it today and impose a rustic style to the kitchen.

Who says country cooking says local products. This crate of crops has understood this well. Neither one nor two, he goes into the kitchen to welcome seasonal fruits and vegetables and … from the region.

The flagship animals of the farm come to the table: hen and ceramic rooster are metamorphosed into salt and pepper shakers for a perfectly seasoned country meal.

In the countryside and especially in the kitchen, natural materials such as wood are popular. Demonstration made with this buffet slightly patinated the most beautiful effect. The rustic spirit will be your guest of honor!

Straight from the French countryside, this two-storey iron basket will welcome all the fruits picked in the garden. With its pretty air of yesteryear, it brings the long-awaited rustic look.

This pretty glass jar is the perfect accessory to keep flour, sugar or coarse salt. The white hen serves as a stand-up stopper on the details that plunge your kitchen into rustic country style.

Rustic wooden boards, patinated red color, printed hens … All hanging on the wall of the kitchen for a campaign style claimed and assumed.
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