Add a touch of blue to your room!


Whether duck, indigo or pastel, blue is a good choice for decorating a room. Diffuser of good vibrations and positive waves, it is a call for calm and reverie. Here is our selection for a blue room … and zen!

Because the bedroom is the most intimate room, this small house shelf will find its place perfectly. It’s good to be at home, warm under the duvet!

Stack in the air of time with its retro design, this buffet will suit Scandinavian rooms as well as vintage pieces.It combines softly wood, blue and green for a very soft room … with more storage!

Complete the decor of your room with this beautiful bedside “Shulg” Natural & amp; Blue! Arranged on each side of the bed, everyone will put book, bedside lamp or alarm clock as they please. Bonus point? It will join perfectly with the Woodman design buffet!

When we talk about blue, we often think of a marine decoration … For the wink, this cushion is perfect. With its inscription “SEA SMILE SUN” (sea, smile and sun), it displays the color! Blue, white, soft colors: we love it!
On a blue background (painting on the wall or ceiling), this pretty suspension light design stands out like a small cloud of feathers. It is adopted without question in the room of the youngest, but it would also see very well in ours!

This elegant blue toad chair invites you to rest and rest. Very wide, you can put your clothes in the evening, or you sink comfortably in there to read a good book … An invitation to laziness does not refuse!

In wrought iron, these three tealights in blue and white tones, between sky and sea, bring an elegant and romantic touch to your blue room with their lace effect. Add candles with sweet scents for a comforting effect.

A plaid padded with a deep blue to warm the bed on winter nights: we say yes. Its cute pompoms and its rosette-shaped flower motifs lend it a vintage look, but discreet, which will harmonize with all types of decorations!