Christmas towel folding ideas with children


Today, after helping us decorate our windows for the holidays, Natacha gives us plenty of ideas for folds of towels to be made (or not) with children …

If there is one thing at once exciting and stressful, it is the management of D-Day at the level of the organization … and the euphoria that can seize quickly children.

While we are busy tweaking a few details while cooking and trying not to forget anything, they, them all to their enthusiasm to celebrate Christmas.

It’s time to take the opportunity to get their hands dirty, and a simple thing to do is make the table decor, including folding towels in the spirit of Christmas.┬áNormally.

Because we only know too much, sometimes folds, we do not understand anything, but here are some ideas of Christmas bending guaranteed “kids friendly”, to prevent the activity ends in fist and battle of apples of pine.



The folding of fir-shaped napkin

This is certainly one of the best known, but first of all because the fir-shaped napkin folding is a must for Christmas, but also because once you’ve done it once, it’s easy to do.

Big advantage of this folding is that you can then present it flat or standing, and that, children love. They can create small Christmas scenes next to the plates … Take out the Playmobil┬«, we promise you a few hours (or long minutes at least) of tranquility.




Folding fir-shaped napkin (bis)

For this second fir-shaped napkin folding, we are still in the ease of completion, with the possible exception of the end of the folding where we will certainly need to intervene.

Indeed, as it stands only vertically, we will need to fix the top of the tree.

The pins option is a little complicated if we do not want them to be in the log at the end of the evening, we will opt for a nice clip decorated, for example, to hold everything … And that’s good, there was full in your advent calendar no?



The folding of towel in the shape of crackers

The crackers, it is this kind of papillote of British origin that one arranges on the plates of the guests and which contain, normally, what to celebrate worthily Christmas ( a hat, party favors etc.).

It is usually made of paper, to “explode”, but here we will use a cloth napkin, so.We fill a roll of toilet paper (which we will have decorated before, report that it will be less weird on the table once the towel opened) with small attentions for the guests, it is wrapped in the towel and we close each side of the roll with nice matching ribbons.

And now, more than having the crackers on the plates and voila!



Towel folding knot

So, yes, we’re not going to lie, we’re here in VERY great ease. Nevertheless, a beautiful knot is always pretty and that for once, it fits well with almost every possible festivities, so it would be stupid to deprive yourself.
Here, simply fold the fabric towel in four lengthways, fold each end towards the middle and … add a beautiful ribbon to tie everything together and create your knot. We quickly work the folds around the ribbon and voila!



The easiest towel fold in the world

If the previous ideas are not to your liking or too complicated (but if I get it, you really have the chance!), you You can simply create a pocket with the towel and arrange your cutlery inside. We add some branches of season, or holly, why not (but be careful that the children are not too attracted to the little red balls anyway, you never know, it would be a shame to spoil the evening), a few sticks and that’s it.

Big advantage of this idea is to send the children outside to find sticks and other foliage for the decoration, with one stone two shots, in addition to taking care they will have taken the air!

If you ever have moderately cooperative children, or just not very patient, the fan-shaped towel fold will do the trick, do not worry.

The goal is to free you a little while while they are busy with something else and to entertain them to stop that they constantly ask the exact time of the arrival of Tonton Michel.