Cocoon of Love: refinement made in France for the nursery


Launched in 2013 by Magda Aissa and Amal Wallois, Cocon d’Amour is gradually becoming an essential address for the creation of birth sets, home furnishings and bedroom decor for babies. Mothers, the two creators are passionate about their professions by offering young parents craftsmanship made in France of excellence!

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From haute couture to Cocon d’Amour

One of the co-founders has long worked in haute couture. Through a prestigious course with large houses such as Dior, she acquired a quality requirement and developed a love for high-end French craftsmanship. As for her passion for decoration dedicated to toddlers, she has always cultivated it.

“At the birth of each of my children, I created a custom-made universe: from linen, to curtains and carpet,” says the manager. Cocon d’Amour is therefore the fruit of its two centers of interest, it takes the codes of a luxury home it declines in the accessory and baby laundry.

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The choice of hues, the crucial step

Cocoon of Love recommends choosing colors with care. “Prefer pastel shades for a soothing, modern and tender room”. The brand advises to opt for a pearl gray, a powder pink, a sky blue, a white or a mole. “The bright colors will already be very present with the waking toys and the traction mats,” she explains. Better to leave on a base of neutral colors as the pearl gray or white leaves to warm up the whole with touches of beige, pink or brown.




For each baby, a cocoon that looks like it

Cocoon of Love then recommends to equip itself with an evolutionary bed with bars, equipped with a hold-baby. Slightly more expensive, it saves money in the long term without compromising baby’s safety and well-being. Finally, do not forget the birthchain. “Often young moms arrive a little panicked shop, they always leave reassured,” says the manager. And for good reason, cradle, bassinet, with or without dressing, sleeping bag or nest of angel, blanket, “everything is possible, imaginable and customizable”. Made to measure in quality materials like cotton percale, so that each baby can have a cocoon in his image, unique.