Fold your clothes with the KonMari method


You could not miss the tornado Marie Kondo, the young Japanese author of the bestseller The magic of storage! And like its millions of readers around the world, you let yourself be seduced by this vision of a uncluttered and uncluttered interior, and by the promise of not spending more hours to put away.

Nevertheless, between the reading of the book and the passage to the act, several questions remain and the magnitude of the task can quickly discourage even the most enthusiastic. Dressing side for example, once sorting to select only the clothes that “make you happy” (in the words of Marie Kondo), you will have to review all the organization and layout of your belongings.

If the recommended folding techniques seem elementary, the explanations are not always enough to visualize the good gestures. Do not worry, fans of the method around the world have taken charge of putting them in image, there is more than watching videos and repeat the operation at home!

Bend her clothes, the outline of the method of Marie Kondo

The basic idea is to own less but better.The storage of the dressing room or wardrobes should therefore favor the clarity so that you have at a glance an overview of your potential outfits. Marie Kondo favors the folding of most clothes vertically, folded into rectangles and aligned side by side in drawers or boxes. So you do not just see what’s on the top of the batteries, but all of your clothes.


Bend the pants according to Marie Kondo

As on the video, it is a question of superimposing the two legs to form a rectangle which it will be enough then to fold in two, then in three. You will then store the trousers folded vertically.


Fold Marie Kondo t-shirts

Put each t-shirt flat in front of you. Fold each side towards the middle, fold the sleeves and fold them when necessary so that they do not go beyond the rectangular shape obtained. Then fold in half, then in three.The method is the same for short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeved shirts or sleeveless t-shirts.


Folding Sweaters and Hoodies Using the Konmari Method

To fold sweaters and sweatshirts, the method is the same as for t-shirts, but the thickness of the material can sometimes make folding into three impossible. In this case, just make a final fold in half. The difficulty lies in the folding of the sleeves: they must not exceed or thicken beyond your folding. If your sweatshirt has a hood, flatten it well as on the video before folding it back.



Fold the underwear according to the Konmari method

The socks also have the right to fold in a rectangle! High or low, they must be able to line up in a drawer or a box without being put in balls or getting tangled. The bras must be stapled and then put flat flat without folds, braces entered into the hulls.The panties also benefit from a clever folding to align without flaws. For these tights perfectly placed, superimpose the legs and roll it all!



How to fold the other clothes?

To make it short, let’s say that everything that can not be folded into a rectangle, and thus escapes Marie Kondo’s folding method, must be put on a hanger. This is the case of skirts, dresses and coats, and some items of particular shape: t-shirt with batwing sleeves, blouse baggy or asymmetrical … Clothes too thick to be folded according to the method will also take place in the closet .