For Christmas decorations and a party table that really looks like you!


The Christmas countdown is just launched! Bring the magic of Christmas to your home! But how ? Because it is not always easy to imagine a Christmas decoration and holiday table consistent and really like you, and Centrakor help you to see more clearly!


You’re more like a Christmas tree

For you, Christmas is the smell of the tree, the hot chocolates coming back from picking pine cones, the pretty light of the candles and the natural hues …
Your favorite subject: wood! Whether for your Christmas balls, table decor, hanging decor or crown …
What we have spotted for you at Centrakor:
the heart to hang in driftwood  that will remind you that what matters most at Christmas is to be with people we love;
the little wooden fir tree with bells which will be perfect surrounded by a few candles in center of table;
the small wooden crown, 20 centimeters in diameter,   all alone, hanging on a door, it will be very elegant but you can also ader it with a beautiful ribbon!



Christmas is yours!

Christmas is the party! Fireworks of joy, bright decorations in the gardens, gold and glitter!
Your favorite color: gold! You like everything that is bright!
What we have spotted for you at Centrakor:
jars of small decorations, golden stars, glitter hearts and other cute little things,disperse in the center of your table;
the 1000 points laser so that the front of your house becomes magical at nightfall;
the crest, 23 centimeters  to give the final luminous touch to the top of your tree.