How to decorate the whole house for Christmas


You do not know how to do things by halves and that’s good because the editorial department loves those who do not do things by half. For Christmas, for example, you plan to dress your house in party mode from head to toe. We totally adhere!

And as we like, we help you with a small recap of all the rooms in the house to decorate for Christmas, just to forget nothing. Entrance, living room and even bedroom, there are so many places waiting for the magic of Christmas. To your garlands!


I decorate the entrance for Christmas

Let’s start with the beginning, which is the entrance and even the front door. Any house decorated for Christmas must have the famous Christmas wreath on the front door. Welcome sign, this decoration sets the tone and announces that behind the door hides a real holiday atmosphere.

Beyond the door, your hallway or entrance must also put on its best decorations to mark the occasion.The possibilities are many: stickers on the windows, candles on the furniture of entry, branches of fir on the staircase or snowy artificial branching in the umbrella stand. Finally, if you have a large enough space (and you have the delusions of grandeur), why not install a tree that will delight people from the doorstep.




I decorate the living room for Christmas

Centerpiece of the house, it is also during the holidays. It is logically here that you spend a good part of the eve to drink in moderation, unpack the gifts and admire the tree. It is also here that you will focus all your Christmas decorations efforts.
Priority to the tree, especially if you have children because, let’s face it, they are interested only in him.And if you’re ready to spoil your style for Christmas decorations, let your kids decorate the tree: they love it!

In the meantime, you can fall back on the coffee table of the living room which offers a beautiful surface for Christmas decorations. A simple tray in which you will have added beautiful Christmas balls, garlands or beautiful candles and you’re done!

Happy chimney owners must have at least some Christmas socks to hang, this is the minimum!



I decorate the dining room for Christmas

Let’s go to the table and if the table is not yet erected, you can still add some decorations in the meantime. Very popular in Christmas catalogs, chandeliers decorated above the table are a sensation. By adding branches, garlands of light and Christmas balls, we get a staging quite spectacular and yet simple to achieve.

On the empty table, you have what to do to create a centerpiece that dresses. Pretty glass bells in which you have installed light garlands will bring a touch of chic in your decoration. Finally, do not forget the windows that can be easily customized. Many ideas are possible and among them, we fall for the solution to draw on the windows of Christmas patterns with chalk pencils.



I decorate the kitchen for Christmas

Often forgotten in the Christmas decoration, the kitchen is nevertheless a strategic piece and deserves attention. It must be said that if the eve is happening at home, you will certainly spend a lot of time in the kitchen so enjoy the decorations in this room.

In the kitchen, the decorations related to the Christmas meal always work very well. Barley sugars and gingerbreads are ideal in this case and will always be welcomed by children.For older children, we put on decorations a little more natural as citrus. Finally, a few branches of holly and fir will be welcome to bring a little Christmas color in the kitchen.




I decorate the rooms for Christmas

It may seem surprising to decorate the rooms for Christmas but if you have guests to sleep during the holidays, they will certainly be charmed by this idea. No need to overload these rooms, the idea is not to give the impression to your guests that they sleep in the house of Santa Claus. We will just bring elements invoking Christmas like candles or small LED stars to place on the bedside tables.



I’m decorating the garden for Christmas

The garden chapter alone deserves a whole article because Christmas decorations outdoors are great classics for Christmas and New Year.If you do not have a garden, windows can also be used for parties. By arranging big knots wrapped in your planters for example, you bring a big plus to your house facade. Keep in mind that your exterior must be in keeping with your interior so keep the same colors and the same theme. The effect will be increased tenfold!