How to work out a personalized holiday menu


You already have your menu in mind for Christmas Eve. Moreover, to make the mouth water of your guests and make your holiday table a real event, you decided to write your menu to present it at the table. Here are nine original ideas to write your new year’s menu and dazzle the guests in front of so much imagination. With your pens!


First idea: on the board!

It’s not about writing lines like at school but using slate as a writing medium. A first solution is to customize a presentation plate with slate paint, then you write the menu directly on the plate. You can also buy directly slate trays on which you will use liquid chalk markers, easier to handle and available in several colors (gold for example).


Second Idea: Minimalist Option

If you’re more adept at sleek decor, it can be a real headache to add a menu to your minimalist party table.As always, minimalism imposes quality at the expense of quantity. So we opt for a paper of higher quality on which we write the menu soberly. For decoration, create a small notch above the menu to insert a branch of holly, fir or eucalyptus. Simple and effective.




Third idea: it rolls for kraft

Every Christmas, kraft paper is back in force and seduces more and more those who love DIY. First as a gift wrap because it lends itself to all kinds of customizations but it also pulls the pin in the decorations of fir or table. For your menu, he can play the table runners as a parchment or even serve as a tablecloth for the children’s table. Add pens and pencils and let them take care of writing the menu on their tablecloth.A good way to keep them busy before the party.



Fourth idea: it sends wood!

The classic menus remain timeless. It is possible to use a template to print on cardboard sheets. To bring a little more original touches, you can choose patterns of fashionable decorations such as reindeer. A trophy reindeer head to pose as a menu header will be enough to create a Christmas menu certainly classic in its design but with a touch of modernity.



Fifth idea: without losing the ball

Today it is easy to find transparent plastic Christmas balls on the market. If it is understood that they are used primarily to decorate the Christmas tree, they can also be diverted to create truly original menus.For that, it is enough to create ribbons of paper on which one will have registered the name of the various dishes. We then lock our ribbons in the Christmas balls and put them on the plates.



Sixth idea: beautiful as a table

You are so proud of your menu that you could frame it. Why not after all ? The idea is also very good and simple to achieve. Just find a frame and “stage” your menu. Instead, choose one large frame rather small for each guest because it will clutter your party table. Besides, you can put it somewhere else than on the dining table, a piece of furniture in the entrance or the coffee table will also be suitable.



Seventh Idea: the scratch menu

That’s amazing if you like to surprise your guests. For that, you have to start by writing a very classic menu. Once printed, you’ll hide the menu with scotch and a mixture of paint and dishwashing liquid.He first put some transparent tape on the parts you want to hide. Then you have to paint over it with paint and a little dishwashing liquid. It will probably take several layers for the whole is very opaque. During the meal, the guests will only have to scratch with a coin to discover what they will have the pleasure to eat.



Eighth idea: the 2 in 1 menu

Why should the menu be content to detail the menu. For this idea, the menu also serves as a towel ring. Simple to achieve, just write his menu in length. Once printed or copied, the menu just has to be cut out like a strip of paper. A piece of tape to connect the ends, a rolled towel and here is a Christmas menu that knows how to be very useful.



Ninth idea: hue casserole!

Another menu that will be easy to delegate to children. The paper casserole is a fun and easy activity for their little hands. For this you just have to print your menu so that each dish is discovered according to the manipulations. Adults will also have fun playing with this casserole to discover the Christmas menu. It allows in addition to add volume once placed on the plate. The casserole is so good!