I want a non-toxic room for my baby!

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It’s the all too common story of young parents who are lovingly preparing their little angel’s room, without suspecting that the evil witch “COV” is already bending over her cradle…

In a gift guide from birth, the toddler will be entitled to more than 300 chemicals, including formaldehyde, PVC, toluene, lead, benzene, phthalates and bisphenols…

Fortunately simple solutions exist to clean the baby room. Quickly, we take stock of all anti-VOC tips!


VOCs, these ultra-toxic “volatile organic compounds”

Who would suspect that a newborn’s room is sometimes more polluted than a road at rush hour? And yet, many studies have highlighted that the pollution of our interiors was often more important than the pollution of the outside air.

The makers of this real nightmare for stressed parents? Chemicals from furniture, paints, new items and household products that float in the air and are responsible for many serious diseases, including asthma and allergies.

And when we know that the body of a young child is more sensitive to these substances than an adult, we say that it is urgent to wage a fierce war against styrene, trichlorethylene, naphthalene, phenol and furfural, these VOCs that have decidedly nothing to do in the lungs of our baby love …




Avoid new chipboard furniture

And as if this bad news is not enough, it is also proven that the nursery is generally much more polluted than the rest of the house! And for good reason, it is usually furnished with new furniture and cheap, which give off a maximum of formaldehyde in the air. Buying a cot and a changing table made of particle board or wood fiber, a fortiori covered with acrylic paint, is like placing a VOC bomb in the room of loulou!

To avoid this, the ideal is to purchase solid wood furniture painted with non-toxic paints.If they are too expensive, we turn to second-hand furniture, which have already had time to release the maximum VOC and are therefore less harmful … And finally if we really want to afford this adorable chest of drawers wood fiber, you buy it as soon as possible and store it in another room for several weeks, windows open, before putting it in the baby room …

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Not too many new items in the room

In general, it is better to avoid overloading the room with new items … And this has nothing to do with the current trends of Zen minimalism and the slow-decoration, but with the need to limit pollutants in the baby room…

Just imagine the amount of VOC that can emit in a small room a carpet, an armchair and new curtains, plastic toys, soft toys ” made in China “and PVC accessories … To prevent the pollution alert is triggered between the bed and the changing table, we put on wooden objects and vintage toys, we limit the plastic to the maximum and we banish the room all the objects that smell new.




Repainting with non-toxic paints

The image alone is a cliché: a few weeks before delivery, the young father repaints the future room of the baby in pastel colors to create a sweet nest and welcoming … Yes but here, if the paintings are stuffed with VOC (we avoid you the list to save you the cold sweats), it would have been better to do nothing…

So we choose exclusively paints with water without VOC, with a label “emission in the indoor air” A +. As a precaution, we always paint several weeks before the arrival of the baby and we air, air, air …




Mattresses and textiles: non-toxic materials

For the choice of the mattress, all specialists agree that it is necessary to invest in new equipment. Therefore, we are investing in ecological and natural materials that emit the least amount of VOCs, such as organic cotton, natural latex, bamboo, coconut fiber or tencel (eucalyptus pulp).

The mattress is then covered with Oeko-Tex® certified bed linen to ensure healthy air for the baby. This international label guarantees the absence (or a very low content) of undesirable substances for health and for the skin. Best of all, the European Textile Trust label Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 guarantees the total absence of toxic or irritating substances … We buy!

Finally, be careful also to the changing mat, which must not contain neither PVC nor phthalates, let alone polyurethane foam …

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Going green with home-made products

With all that, the VOC witch should have a hard time, but never forget that she’s lurking behind the door, always ready to reappear in the form a new plastic toy, a birth gift made of wood fiber board or a harmful household product … To avoid spoiling all your efforts, ventilate the nursery every morning and in any weather and change your habits to go green cleaning … Goodbye bleach, hello white vinegar, black soap and baking soda!