Prepare a new year’s Eve for children


At Christmas and New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve is a highly anticipated moment of the youngest, but it can be very disappointing if adults stay for hours at the table! To give them an unforgettable Christmas Eve, here are some simple tips that will make them wait in style.


A special children’s eve table

Unless you spend Christmas Eve in a very small party, parents unanimously prefer to separate the adult table from the children’s table. On the first, you can look after the decoration with candles and a beautiful centerpiece, while on the other we favor the color and the disposable tableware, both shatterproof and easier to clear!

For children under 5, you can for example lay the tablecloth on a coffee table and use cushions as armchairs.They will be able to sit down and get up on their own without the help of an adult, like at the nursery!



The decorative details that appeal to children

But it is not because children are small that we must neglect the decorative details, quite the contrary! There are fun cups (not to mention the straws), we make name tags in salt dough, we add some glitter on the tablecloth or we set the table snowman way … In short, it gives free rein to his imagination and we give it to heart to return to childhood!




Crackers on children’s plates

If you run out of time, just go buy some Christmas crackers to put on the plates.These little table gifts will make children happy!




A buffet to wait

Your little guests may have trouble waiting for the time to sit down to eat without snacking. For the aperitif, plan a few appetizers that will be reserved for them. Cheese gougères, mini-sandwiches, crudités, crisps or cubes of cheese: in any case, make their pleasure by looking after the presentation.



Visual recipes first and foremost

Except for exceptions to the rule (some pieces of cabbage are fond of oysters), most children are not moved by the sophistication and presentation of the delicacies that you have planned for them. adults. At least 10 years, what they prefer above all is that their plate is beautiful and make them dream! For example, try the superb hard boiled snowman recipe: a chicken egg for the body, a quail egg for the head, a toothpick in between, a carrot hat and parsley, and hop , you are the best of the hosts tonight!




A dessert “Whaouh”

If your gala dinner is likely to end very late, the youngest will not necessarily have the patience to wait for dessert! Make them wait with some clementines, or better, prepare them a dessert just for them.Again, think of the visual aspect as much as the taste: why not go into the making of a gingerbread house? If not also think of planting some small toys in the decor, children love!




And small gifts to wait!

For New Year’s Eve or if Santa Claus has planned to spend the next day, think also to prepare some small gifts for children. In a sachet, an envelope or a roll of decorated toilet paper, slip some chocolates, a small plastic or wooden toy, stickers or a tatoo … With all this this eve should be unforgettable for the little ones … And who says happy children said relaxed parents! Merry Christmas and happy new year!