Special rooms and cocooning: the essential addresses


With the arrival of winter and free fall temperatures, cravings cocooning evenings warm under the duvet are becoming increasingly compelling. That’s why our experts have selected for you the essential companies to transform your interior into a real bubble of sweetness …

Located in Bregues in the Hauts in France, the furniture company Bouchiquet acts as a true institution. Founded in 1910, the brand was able to keep up with the times while maintaining its values?

the expertise through an eclectic offer, combining traditional rustic furniture and designer furniture. Looking for the perfect partner to furnish a small space? Direction La Maison du Convertible!

Deployed throughout the Hexagon, this family business has been giving back for over thirty years its reputation for the convertible sofa, which it declines to infinity to satisfy all desires.As a specialist in smart furniture, the company also presents in its showrooms the concept of the Wardrobe-Bed, an ingenious folding bed system that adapts to all configurations.

In Paris, the LMDC group has also launched the brand Le Lit, which offers a range of upscale and flexible bedding, comfort that has nothing to envy to the greatest palaces!

A room that turns into an office, do you mind?
A comfortable convertible sofa and design, it exists?
Bedding that makes you want to stay under the quilt
Bouchiquet Furniture: Always on the cutting edge of the latest furnishing trends