Stickers: 8 wall decorations for a child’s room


Your child’s room is his sanctuary. It is going to want to decorate his walls of deco of all kinds … Why not to direct him towards wall stickers? They give your room the personality, arise and remove easily! Small selection of stickers to personalize your walls.

With these clouds stickers in shades of blue and silver, your child will let his imagination wander, without limit! Perfect for a room or a game room.
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Wow, wow, wow! What if we played Indian? Create your child an original universe, teepee-based, Indian headdress to play all day! Do not hesitate to participate in the creation of this decor … and watch out for cowboys!

All kids love superheroes and heroines. So if your child has the soul of a masked avenger, Red and cat are perfect for him! Funny and colorful, with their onomatopoeia worthy of a comic strip: “Wizz” “Pow”, BD atmosphere guaranteed!

Perfect for a nursery, these animal stickers (crocodile, elephant, mouse and hedgehog) in shades of soft blue green bring a colorful and caline atmosphere to the room. Beware of overflowing tenderness and rain of kisses!

Here is a very poetic and original board of stickers: this sailor sitting on a boat in front of his house, banjo in hand, makes you want to sing with him cheerful and catchy tunes. What to tell a thousand and one stories!

This multitude of stars in shades of gray create a simple and poetic decoration: you can either dispatcher them in all the room, or concentrate them in headboard to invite to the dream.What’s better than a dodo, head in the stars!

What little girl does not secretly dream of being a little princess? With this kit of stickers, create him a decor at the height of his desires: it remains only to invent a prince charming and the great adventures that go with it!

Do not be afraid to choose a black and white sticker: it also works very well on the walls of a child’s room, often very colorful! Here, an urban setting, the city of Amsterdam, will fit perfectly into a larger room.
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