Tips for Choosing and Maintaining Children’s Bedding


When baby arrives, his sleeping area instantly becomes the subject of all our attention (and all our worries). Out of the question not to pamper this space. We want the best for our nights, we design this corner as a protective nest in which he can totally let go and find sleep easily.

The bedding is not insignificant also because it is partly the guarantor of the good growth of our children; we know of course that during sleep our loustics gain centimeters. This is the central element of the baby room especially since it spends most of the first years! Growing up, the problems around bedding are not quite the same but the space remains just as essential.


Choosing the bed structure

As a general rule, children’s beds are sold including bed and frame. In terms of aesthetics you will be spoiled for choice.For babies, you will need a crib and until about two years of the child. Some models have a sliding barrier that offers your loustic a transition model between the crib and the bed without bars. The majority of cribs are also equipped with two levels to place the mattress higher or lower.

The first is for babies from 0 to 6 months and allows to take baby in his arms without bending down. The second is recommended when your little one will start to get down on all fours or to hold onto the bars. Then come the beds without bars when your bout’chou is no longer a baby! The evolutionary beds are very practical for small rooms but also for a solution on the long term because they can be enlarged over the years.

Practicality, aesthetics, fare will guide your choices … but also safety. We advise you to check that the structure is wood from sustainably managed forests (FSC) and that the paint is guaranteed non-toxic.




Choosing the mattress

The ideal mattress? It must be firm to support his spine without being too hard. As children are light, you can bet on a mid-firm or balanced comfort mattress. The natural latex mattress is a very good option, particularly healthy to avoid allergies because mites can not nest there. As a bonus, the latex mattress is firm while being soft.

If it is of good quality, the foam mattress may also be suitable for children but beware of low density mattresses, often at affordable prices, that do not offer optimal comfort. If you are heading to a foam mattress, make sure you have anti-mite and anti-bacterial treatment as well. Finally, choose a mattress with a woolen face for the winter and a cotton face for the summer, to return to the change of season.



Mistakes to avoid

With spring mattresses, the greater the number of mattresses and the greater the comfort. Nevertheless, poor quality spring mattresses are quickly damaged especially with children who tend to move a lot at night. Result, a squeaky mattress with each movement and a child who can not sleep.

Another pitfall, want to pamper your kid by offering him a memory mattress. The intention is good but absolutely not adapted to a child whose growth is in perpetual evolution! Especially since memory foam mattresses are more enveloping and keep warmer than other models.




Child’s bedding: which interview?

Your child’s bedding, especially the mattress, deserves every respect.First reflex for simplified maintenance: choose a mattress equipped with a removable cover and hypo-allergenic, easy to remove … especially in case of peeing in bed!

Otherwise, you can add a mattress pad that will protect all the bedding from small accidents! Wash it at the same time as the sheets, once a week. Who says maintenance says care accorded to your mattress: return it every three months alternating the direction of the feet and the head; a way to avoid distorting it. For a quick and regular maintenance of bedding, also think about vacuuming.

Where exactly? All over ! By removing the mattress from the bed base, the vacuum cleaner must sneak into every corner of the structure but also clean the mattress … and do not forget to go under the bed! When children grow up, the bedding is equipped with pillows and a duvet! Remember to wash them every two months if they are synthetic.

Lastly, be aware that even well-maintained mattresses get damaged and have a limited life of about 5 years.Feel free to reinvest in a new mattress if the current has already seen several children.