Tips for preparing a magic Christmas table centerpiece


From glasses to napkins, you’ve thought of everything for your Christmas table. At all, really? Because if you look closer, you notice that in the center you miss something and, like the nose in the middle of the figure, you have the impression that one sees only that. It is therefore impossible to do without a centerpiece and, to be safe, the number one tip is to follow our advice for a successful Christmas table center.


What size for my centerpiece?

You probably know it but it is worth remembering: the size of the centerpiece must be proportional to the size of the table. Too big, we will only see him and give the impression of being cramped. Too small, it will go unnoticed and will not fulfill its function of filling the void in the middle.

For the height of the center of the table, one does not exceed that of the eyes of the seated guests because they must be able to see without being embarrassed.Nevertheless, it is not forbidden for the centerpiece to gain height because it brings an interesting verticality to your Christmas decoration.


Which center table for which table?

The shape of your table is a very important parameter that must be taken into account when determining the best type of centerpiece. In general, the whole is more harmonious if the shape of the center of table takes again that of the table. In other words, a round center table fits better with a round table and a rectangular center table with a rectangular table. Simple, no? If exceptions exist, we avoid at all costs a table runner on a round table that will create empty spaces between guests.

Our favorites : the Christmas wreath for a round table and a luminous table runner for a rectangular table.



What colors for my centerpiece?

It depends on the colors already on your Christmas table. If you have three different colors between plates, glasses or napkins, adding another color to your centerpiece can be confusing. In this case, we take the same colors for a sake of harmony. On the other hand, if you only have one or two colors on the table, you can imagine a third color for your centerpiece.
Our favorites : metallic colors, pastel colors, a mix of black, green and gold, immaculate white and finally the return of traditional colors.



What lights for my centerpiece?

Lights are usually important for a Christmas centerpiece. They bring both a lighting and an atmosphere that corresponds to the theme of Eve. Whether it’s an electric light or a candle light, there’s no real cons.On the contrary, the more there are, and of different sizes, the more the magic effect of Christmas will be amplified. However, if children are at the table, prefer LED candles for more security.
Our favorites : big candles in jars, a light garland under a bell, a lantern garland as a runner and a number of candles.



Which DIY for my centerpiece?

The DIYs are still as trendy and that’s good because they allow to create a unique decoration without breaking without a wallet. For Christmas centerpieces, remember to use elements that are related to this holiday: Christmas balls, garlands, cinnamon sticks or even gingerbread house, everything is allowed as long as it evokes Christmas. Do not hesitate to do some research on the site of because the DIY ideas do not miss!
Our favorites : a tealight covered with bare branches, a bell containing Christmas balls, a fir tree made from pine cones and mini clay pots that act as a candle holder.



What plants for my centerpiece?

If flowers are usually a beautiful centerpiece, they seem a bit incongruous in the middle of winter. Fortunately other plants take over without problems. In the first place, fir branches obviously, followed closely by the pine cones. If for convenience, you prefer the “fake” plants, you can opt for snowy branches that put in the mood immediately. Finally, if you do not want to deviate from the rule of flowers, think of poinsettia or hyacinths.
Our favorites : eucalyptus, citrus fruits, succulents and cedar branches.



Our favorite Christmas centerpieces

This year, our preference is for the very natural, Scandinavian-inspired centerpieces.We love the centerpiece of white candles and pine cones. The coppery trend will also take a toll: candles and vases are doing well in this shade. We do not forget the gold too, ideal to wake up a table a little too white. Finally, why not opt ??for a suspended centerpiece: by creating a decoration in height, we will probably win the palm of the most unexpected centerpiece.