What to do with a garland LEDs?


For just a few euros, LED garlands create magical atmospheres in every room of the house. For parties, they are ideal to sublimate its Christmas decoration with ease, even at the last minute. With these 8 decorating ideas, there are even chances that you keep your garlands light all winter … or all year!


A garland in a vase for a DIY light

A small battery-powered Led string glided in a transparent vase, and here is a beautiful light created in less than two minutes! If the poetic and soft lighting of this luminous vase seduces you, also try the experiment with jars, bottles or a Dame-Jeanne, wow effect guaranteed!




Garlands under bells for the holidays

In the same spirit, garlands leds work wonders under bells.A very nice idea to light the fireplace or the console during the holidays. And why not use these sumptuous home lights in the center of the table?


A window in festive clothes

Around the winter solstice, the windows are plunged into darkness most of the evening. Thanks to LED garlands hanging from the curtain rod, they will be highlighted and enlarge the space by drawing the eye towards the windows. A nice idea easy to make!

08780222-photo-garlands-leds-in front of the window.jpg



A bright table runner

On New Year’s Eve, a light garland placed in the center of the table creates a dreamlike atmosphere in the same way as candles, security and more. Around the garland, add red balls for a traditional Christmas or branches of eucalyptus or ivy for a natural and Scandinavian effect.



A lit staircase

During the holidays, the staircase also deserves to be decorated! To avoid visual overload, light strings are simply suspended to create a fairy curtain. Dazzling!




Sleeping under the stars

In the bedroom, the light garlands create a relaxing atmosphere all year round. Simply hung on the wall with masking tape, they will make you want to hibernate under the duvet all winter … dreaming of the Milky Way.
4 ideas to install a light garland in the bedroom

08780218-photo-guriande-at-the-place-of-the-fir. jpg


A lighted balcony for Christmas

And for the party to continue outside, the outdoor lighting garlands are also attached to the balcony railing. Sublime summer and winter!