Which size to choose for the Christmas tree?

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Do you dream of transforming your cocoon into a miniature Christmas village? We give you all the tips to choose the size of your Christmas tree according to the place you reserve for it, its price and its decorative look!


Our deco tips to choose the size of your Christmas tree

– A Christmas tree adapted to your home
– Choose a tree according to your style
– A Christmas tree for Christmas decorations
– A place of choice for your tree
– Alternatives for small spaces



A Christmas tree adapted to your home

Before you start, your Christmas tree must be adapted to the ceiling height of your home. To choose the size of your tree make sure to leave at least 15 cm between the ceiling and the top of the tree (this will also depend on the size of your star at the top). So plan a meter with you to check every inch.
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Choosing a fir tree according to your style

You will find different types of fir trees:
The natural fir tree: it smells good, and it is up to you to decorate it from A to Z. Avoid putting it in the passage because your ground would be very quickly strewn with thorns!
The artificial tree: some are more real than nature, others are bright and / or already decorated, sprinkled with fake snow, etc. There is something for everyone and there are all sizes!
The wooden tree: again, all the sizes exist but avoid putting it in the passage.
Finally, you can try making your own tree using a tutorial found on the web. Your tree will be 100% made to measure!



A Christmas tree for Christmas decor

For a decoration, choose a large Christmas tree: it will be more practical to install all your Christmas balls and garlands.But if you prefer a sober decoration, choose rather a fine and slender fir tree: it will emphasize the elements which you will scatter, without giving an impression of emptiness.



A place of choice for your Christmas tree

In a corner of the living room, in the middle of a room, on the edge of a window, on a table, near the fireplace … You will also have to adapt the size of your tree at the location you have chosen. To help you choose, keep in mind that your tree should not interfere with the opening of doors or windows, nor traffic. This is especially true if you are entertained during the holidays: better a smaller tree and room for everyone, rather than the other way around. And then the tree will be quickly encumbered by the gifts that will surround it!